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2nd Prize in International Competition for the restoration and reconfiguration of Beti Jai, a disused pelota venue in the center of Madrid. With SOF-T / TallerDe2 (Arantza Ozaeta and Alvaro Martín Fidalgo)

Madrid (2018)

 “3000 sqm of extra court space” considers spatial and technological strategies to transform the Beti Jai into an inclusive and accessible urban space, expanding its specialized function as a sports court in order to welcome diverse bodies and the different constituencies of Barrio de Chamberi—an extremely dense area in the center of Madrid. The project opens up the ground floor of the building and connects it to the different balconies through a complex system of ramps, resulting in a considerable expansion of public space. The ramps, rather than hidden, are displayed behind a glass wall that organizes the new pelota court. The 19th century landmark building thus dialogs with a state-of-the-art spatial technologies and construction systems with their corresponding priorities, sensitivities, and aesthetics.




Ignacio G. Galán [igg – office for architecture] + SOF-T / TallerDE2 (Arantza Ozaeta and Alvaro Martin Fidalgo).

Collaborators: Jorge Chico Jiménez, Alberto Sánchez Sánchez, Paula Rodriguez Vara and Pablo Saiz Del Río.

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    [igg - office for architecture] is a design and research office based in New York City and led by Ignacio G. Galán, PhD. Our work focuses on architecture's role in the articulation of society through design projects, research, and pedagogical endeavors. The designs of the office have been awarded in competitions including the First Prize for the New Velodrome in Medellín and are part of the permanent collection of the Pompidou Center. 

    We operate through diverse media and platforms and are continuously informed by different kinds of conversations and collaborations. Galán's research has led to the production of several publications and exhibitions including the installation Cinecittá Occupata for the 2014 Venice Biennale and the exhibitions Your Restroom is a Battleground and The Restroom Pavillion for the 2021 Venice Biennale. Together with the After Belonging Agency, Galán was the Chief Curator of the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale. He is also a member of the research project Radical Pedagogies and has co-curated its exhibition at the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale and at the 2014 Venice Biennale, where it was awarded a Special Mention of the jury. He is one of the editors of the eponymous volume (MIT Press, 2022).

    Additionally, Galán is an architecture historian working on the intersection of architecture, politics, and media, with a particular focus on nationalism, colonialism, migration, and access.

    You can visit his faculty profile here.

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    We understand architecture as a key agent participating in the articulation of society. 

    We explore the ways in which architecture contributes to the definition of new ways of being together.

    We are concerned with architecture's relation to cultural transfers, material networks, and diverse forms of population transience. 

    We are additionally interested in the objects, media technologies, and institutions transforming architecture's individual occupations, its collective operations, and its diverse types of mobilization. 

    We are interested in architecture's capacity to mediate social pursuits for access, diversity, and assistance.

    These emphases lead the work of the office and continuously challenge our methods of analysis and our design practice.